Special Events

In addition to talks given by young researchers in quantum information, this years edition of YQIS will again feature invited talks from academia. Further, an industry related session is organized.


Confirmed Invited Speakers (preliminary)

Scientific session Industrial session
Prof. Dr. Michel Brune (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France) Mr. Vern Brownell (CEO at D-Wave Systems Inc.)
Dr. Nicolas Brunner (Université de Genève, Switzerland) Dr. Alessandro Curioni (Director at IBM Research Zurich)
Dr.  Laurent Labonté (University of Nice, France) Dr. Michael Förtsch (Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG)
Prof. Dr. Gerd Leuchs (MPL, Erlangen, Germany) Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders (President at Toptica AG)
Dr. Miguel Navascués (IQOQI, Vienna, Austria) Dr. Grégoire Ribordy (CEO at ID Quantique SA)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang P. Schleich (Universität Ulm, Germany) Dr. Michael Totzeck (Fellow at Carl Zeiss AG)


Interactive Tutorial: IBM Quantum Experience - by Panagiotis Kl. Barkoutsos

In the recent years we observe a rapid development of quantum technologies for the realization of quantum computers with the capability of simulating quantum mechanical processes using quantum (instead of classical) algorithms. In parallel to the physical realization of increasingly large and powerful quantum computers there is the need to develop quantum algorithms for the efficient solution of complex problems with favourable scaling. This includes problems in optimization, machine learning, the solutions of partial differential equations and finite element analysis just to mention a few. 

In May 2016, IBM launched a cloud system for quantum computing that offers the possibility to perform digital quantum calculations on a 5 qubit quantum computer which was upgraded to 16 qubits in July 2017. This platform, named IBM Quantum Experience (QX), is capable of performing state-of-the art quantum calculations on real quantum hardware together with classical simulations on a quantum circuits emulator. This project gives the opportunity for researchers and students to familiarize themselves with quantum computing and quantum algorithms opening new opportunities in the field. In particular, with the IBM QX we aim at creating a community of users and developers that interact to create new solutions (computing paradigms and algorithms), explore new programming languages (Open QASM), and devise new interaction protocols for quantum simulations (using the QiSkit API for python).

In this talk, we will present the basic notions of QX and discuss some applications in the fields of quantum optimization and electronic structure calculations.

For better time management it is highly recommended for participants to have an active account for the quantum experience (registration free of cost in https://www.research.ibm.com/ibm-q/) and for the QISKit SDK an active jupyter notebook with QISKit dependencies installed (https://github.com/QISKit/qiskit-sdk-py.git).   

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